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Salvia Syrum

Just as I posted my Flower Friday post, the coolest hummingbird – about an inch big – buzzed by me to take a drink from the salvia. I’ve never seen a hummingbird with this coloration and size. The pictures aren’t … Continue reading

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Flower Friday – Blue Salvia

This annual loved the recent daily rain showers.

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Skinny men with shaved legs take over Denver

Yesterday was the final stage of the US Pro Cycling Challenge in Denver. I watch the Tour de France but I’m not into cycling like many Coloradans. But in celebrating the last few weeks of being in Colorado, my husband … Continue reading

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Flower Friday: Rose of Sharon

Hail decimated the garden so this photo is from a few weeks go.

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Lessons from Mick: Determination

Determination: Wake up every day knowing you can catch that rabbit.

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Mount Evans on a Monday!

Our buyers scheduled the house inspection for 1:30pm – 5pm today.  Toying with what to do with Mickey Beagle during a 95 degree afternoon and realizing that we have 3 weekends left, I decided to take the day off and take Mick … Continue reading

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Flower Friday – Candy cane flox

Fresh, happy late summer bloomer.  

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