Doggin it on Cat Hill

A few weeks ago, Coach Deb invited Katie (my running buddy who started the hashtag #colleenmademedoit) and I to start our first marathon coaching session by going for a run in Central Park. With the NYC Half coming up, I jumped at the chance. Memories of an ugly last 4 miles returned from 2018.

Me, Deb, and Katie entering the park

Central Park is magical. I’m from Jersey but I never spent much time in the park. Surrounded by the skyline we all know, it’s so very peaceful. This weekend it was full of inspiring runners, especially those with Team Achilles, which included a blind person and several wheelchair athletes.

Just a glorious day

Bronze statue called “Still Hunt” of a cougar mocks the runners

Infamous Cat hill, NYRR group runners at the top

After a nice long run and lunch with Deb, I feel reinvigorated not only for the half but for the marathon.

As I mentioned previously, I’ll be running for Fred’s Team, the foundation for Sloan Memorial Kettering. Their slogan “Imagine a World Without Cancer” resonates with me. If it resonates with you, you might consider donating to my run. (They saved RBG!)

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