Skinny men with shaved legs take over Denver

Yesterday was the final stage of the US Pro Cycling Challenge in Denver. I watch the Tour de France but I’m not into cycling like many Coloradans. But in celebrating the last few weeks of being in Colorado, my husband and I went to see the race. And really, this was about brunch at Bistro Vendome as much as it was about a bike race.

After a perfect bowl of mussels and a bottle of rose from Loire Valley, we camped out at the inside turn at 14th and Larimer and were on the fence. It was a thrill to be less than a foot away from riders moving at 35 miles an hour. My former swimmer competitiveness came out, and I was screaming for the 5 minutes it took for the peloton to cross in front of us. After 3 laps, we moved to be closer to the finish.  I didn’t know it was inaccessible for non-VIPs (boo!) but there were other great spots.  We decided to stay to watch the awards since we were in front of the podium – then they moved the podium.

The real thrill is that a Coloradan won the race!


Larimer Square is ready


Leader takes the first turn





Team approaches turn



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1 Response to Skinny men with shaved legs take over Denver

  1. Colleen Christmas says:

    You are such a Colorado transplant! We are going to miss you !!!

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