A New reason to run NYC

My “Why” for running the New York Marathon in November for Fred’s Team has just been expanded. My mother-in-law, Kathleen Campbell, has just received a cancer diagnosis on February 18, 2019 (Stage 4 Lung, brain, bone, colon). She will start treatment for one of the areas on Monday and I will be the driver this particular appointment.

We’ll take all the good vibes and prayers please.

In addition to radiation, she will be receiving a type of pill that is better than chemo. So much technological breakthrough has happened since my father’s diagnosis of the same cancer. There is no doubt of how important cancer research is and how your generous donation can make a difference in someone’s life.

I’m pretty good at warrior mode, project management, and knocking off things to get done but when the dust settled and there was quiet time today, I was processing my feelings of sadness. I’m lucky (am I?) that I have been through this before with my dad. The unknown is pretty scary.

There’s nothing I would rather do with my life than to Imagine a World Without Cancer. Please join me:


[Kathleen is a pretty private person but I did receive permission to add her to my page for fundraising.]

Pat, Kathleen, me and my husband, Patrick Campbell

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