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You’ll Bean Your Eye Out

Setsubun is the bean-throwing festival signaling the beginning of Spring, which will occur this Sunday, February 3rd. [Eat your heart out, Denverites.] Can you imagine such an event in the US? The symbology is that the beans are casting out … Continue reading

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Ramen Roundup

Chewy noodles, tender pork and flavorful soup with crispy bits delight the taste buds.  Did you know there are many different kinds of ramen? I visited one of the many ramen shops yesterday for lunch as a prelude to visiting … Continue reading

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Touch Here for Toro

Kaiten sushi is nothing new or maybe new to some but “conveyor belt” sushi has been popping up in the US over the last decade. This particular restaurant, Sushi Train, has 2 levels of conveyor systems.  The bottom is for the typical … Continue reading

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Widdling Down the Pot of Gold

I’ve posted already that I’m not really a cash person.  To add to that, I hate change.  On an average day, my wallet weighs about 5 lbs.  In the US, we let change accumulate, put it in a machine and use … Continue reading

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Warning Sign – Don’t Die Drunk Guy

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Ideas Worth Stealing – The Perfect Mug of Beer

You’re at a pub with your friends.  The bartender pours a beer into the glass and it’s full of head, or worse, it flows over.  Well, bloggosphere, Japan solved that problem. THE AUTOMATIC BEER FILLING MACHINE! Step 1. Put the mug … Continue reading

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Beyond – Weekly Photo Challenge

Beyond.  My wildest dreams, my hardest jobs, my most fulfilling challenges.

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