Tom Brady’s Avocado Ice Cream on Super Bowl Sunday

I returned home yesterday after a week of skiing with the flu. I blew off my 5k to rest and fell asleep until 1pm. After coming to, on the counter were some beautiful ripe avocados. Perfect for guacamole, I thought. My husband wanted Tom Brady’s avocado ice cream. Ok.

I hate the Patriots but you have to admit that for someone to be that successful for so long is phenomenal. Ice cream is our weakness so why not?

Ingredients for “ice cream”

I watched Bon Appétit Test Kitchen video on a vegan dish and remembered to use a screwdriver and hammer in the eye of the coconut. I did not remember, however, to use a dishrag.

Carla Lalli of Bon Appétit Test Kitchen is the master. Totally should have rewatched the video.

Pat drives the screwdriver into the eye of the coconut sans dish towel

Then this.

Oh crap.

It wasn’t the end of the world but I wouldn’t recommend that. Pat went outside to hammer the coconut on the ground like how we all learned growing up.

Blending all the ingredients

The end product is in the freezer overnight so I don’t have a ta da moment for the ending.

Go Rams and have a great week!

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