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Jersey Shore

My sister and I spent many days in the summer as a kid at a man-made beach called Dalanbachs.  EBCB (our initials) was for East Brunswick Community Beach.  There was a swimming hole and a lake side where we use paddle boats.  They had a … Continue reading

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A View of Frankenstorm from the Land of Godzilla

My parents live on the Jersey Shore.  Specifically, they live on a canal near a very nice beach – which was just featured on I was in a 1,000 year flood when I was a freshly minted civil engineer in … Continue reading

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Angry Birds of Japan #2

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Angry Birds of Japan #1

This was taken on my first day of work in May.

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Not Lost in Translation, just Lost

Lost was going to be the name of my blog because for some unknown reason, I find myself lost all the time. My favorite time was when I had 2 gps devices and went 15 miles in the wrong direction … Continue reading

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Kawasaki gets their Freak on for Halloween

Kawasaki has a 3 day Halloween celebration.  I saw the early advertisements to apply for the parade in which 3,500 people line the streets. It was amazing and in true Japanese fashion, extremely organized and crazy crowded.  Each of the … Continue reading

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Ramen Recovery – Dinner is Saved!

Lesson Learned – listen to your gut, especially if its large from eating. I took the ramen from packaging, released the contents of the aluminum packet into a pot of water, and turned the heat on the stove.  As it started … Continue reading

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