Mount Evans on a Monday!

Our buyers scheduled the house inspection for 1:30pm – 5pm today.  Toying with what to do with Mickey Beagle during a 95 degree afternoon and realizing that we have 3 weekends left, I decided to take the day off and take Mick to summit Mount Evans (by car, he’s too old to hike).

If you haven’t been to the summit of a 14’er (14,000 foot mountain), it is like looking down on earth.  Just a mere hour and a half from Denver, the heart of the Arapahoe National Forest is something very special.  I watched the temperature gauge fall from 85 to 55 during the ascent.


Were it not for the Park Ranger who was displeased with Mick’s presence, there would have been more/better photos of the goats.  Leashed dogs allowed, sorry lady!

Crazy, but go you!

US Procycling Challenge

The US procycling challenge started today in Aspen and that’s the only reason why I could think the droves of cyclists were summiting Mt. Evans.  If they wear the US flag, I’ll root for them.  Even though they are crazy.

summitlake sky rockiesecholake

You don’t need my words for the views, those are the inspiration of purple mountains majesty.  But if you don’t know the smells — mmm — fresh air and pine forest.


Most of the photos were taken out of the car window while driving and that is because there are very few pulloffs.  The paid part of Mt. Evans road is 14 miles and I white-knuckled most of it, regretting the idea around mile 3.  In my opinion, above treeline shouldn’t be driven.  It should be the hiker’s reward.

Regardless, I captured photos of the essence of why Colorado is so special.  We will savor the mountains these next few weeks.

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