Rain on The Scarecrow

John Cougar Mellancamp is from Seymour, Indiana, which is about 50 miles south of our new home in Greenwood, Indiana.  I can say new home because we put a contract in on a beautiful place.  The neighbors, well, they’re a bit crunchy (that would be CORN).



This past weekend, Patrick & I went to the south side of Indianapolis to look at houses. Coworkers, Realtor.com and Zillow make this easy before you get somewhere but it does take time to understand an area. I subscribed to Indianapolis Monthly and saw a positive writeup on Greenwood then our realtor suggested Franklin.

Friday afternoon we checked into the hotel then drove off to see one of the houses using Main Street.  Main Streets in small towns are quaint, right?  Patrick says to me – I hope this gets better.  It was not the Main Line PA cuteness I had hoped for but more a couple of tatoo shops and a lawyers office.

Saturday morning we met our real estate agent.  He was super helpful.  In addition to being very knowledgeable about real estate, he was a true ambassador for helping us engage in the new community.  He introduced to the butcher who would remember us the next time we went in.  He recommended a particular cafeteria as a good restaurant.  I didn’t want to be rude so I kept quiet but both Pat & I were in a holy sh.t moment.

The township of Franklin only had 3 strip malls because they had previously fought commercial development.  It was 15 minutes to a grocery store.  All I kept thinking was I’m from New Jersey and fought off crying at this point.

Sunday we seemed to fit into the country lifestyle a little better and enjoyed the developments in Greenwood.  The town at least has a couple of chain restaurants.  [There was never a time I thought I would be thankful for bad chains until this past weekend].  On Monday, we made an offer on a new Ryland home.

So in the spirit of positive thinking and dealing with the shock, Pat said this move to Indiana from Denver would be our “expat” assignment.

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4 Responses to Rain on The Scarecrow

  1. Jess says:

    Good luck and let me know when you’re REALLY in town! Sorry to have missed you!

  2. Julie says:

    I haven’t caught up with you in awhile! Congrats on the move to the Midwest! Even though I’m from Chicago, I don’t know much about Indy other than it’s something we would drive through to go to Florida. 😉 Hope everything is going well. xx

    • Thanks for the note! We move September 13th and well, people are nice and we love the new house. And we can go to Irish home games, I’ve been seeing so much about the food scene there. Hope you have adjusted! Xo- Colleen

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