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Hey US, Japanese Idea Worth Stealing

Another natural disaster hit the US – a fierce tornado ravaged its way through Oklahoma. While we all mourn the losses, the engineer in me started thinking about building codes and land use. (Apparently, so did Joshua Schwartz of the … Continue reading

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I thoroughly enjoyed being sous chef tonight for a soba salad recipe from Epicurious. Pat was so enthusiastic about Japanese food after his visit to see me at Christmas in Japan, I noticed miso paste and soba noodles in the … Continue reading

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Why Is My Toilet So Cold and Other Repatriation Issues

I woke up on Sunday after my first night at home since moving back from Japan and nearly froze from using the toilet.  I never thought I would miss the heated toilet seat so much.  I walked downstairs, I thought … Continue reading

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Repatriation-First Day Home

Good morning from Denver! In the last few days, the movers came, I spent a few nights at the Intercontinental in a comfy bed, and I said goodbye to the team in Japan. Even though I was bumped up to … Continue reading

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Sayonara, Japan

I have enjoyed being an expat on a mega project surrounded by people from Japan, UK, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Philippines, and other places around the world.  Visiting China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong opened my eyes to the rich, diverse … Continue reading

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Yuen Po Street Bird Garden – Hong Kong

Alternative title:  I know why the caged bird sings. Adjacent to the flower market is a bird market.  I know, I said the same thing such as really?  this many birds for sale?  And while some of them looked like … Continue reading

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A Room with a View of Hong Kong

I’m staying in Central and looking forward to today. Flower markets, lantern festival, and my favorite food- dim sum. It is rainy season but the forecast looks good. This weekend is the last of the celebrations for Lunar New Year. … Continue reading

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