‘Twas the Night Before Registration

The NYC Marathon lottery opens tomorrow. I’m so impatient, I registered for Fred’s Team, the fundraising arm of Memorial Sloan Kettering, 10 days ago. I couldn’t take the idea of wanting to do the marathon and not getting in.

I’m doing it!

And I’ve strong-armed, I mean, recruited, some of my local friends to run it with me. They are doing the lottery so I’m excited and hopeful.

While the real training doesn’t start until June, I’m training for the NYC Half Marathon in March and trying to do all the things.

  • Plyometrics – I did my first jumps and lunges since Bucknell today.
  • Cross-training – bike trainer set up in the basement. 2x week.
  • Stretching – doing after every run.
  • Foam rolling – I’m doing my achy heel daily.
  • Massages- set up my first one for next week.
  • Epsom salt baths – On Sunday Rundays, I soak.
  • Drinking water – I’m trying to give up the Diet Coke. We know how that story goes.
  • Running during the week – this has been a challenge with my travel schedule/lack of commitment but I’ve done ok the last 2 weeks. Only 42 weeks left!

I know the commitment to maintaining a body in motion from my swimming years and have never desired to put in the effort until now.

Good luck to everyone trying to get in!

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