Amsterdam in April – I’m on a boat 

Patrick and I were very happy that my dad’s health was stable enough for us to take our vacation as planned.  This was my first real vacation since my new job started 3 years ago and first time out of the US since I left Japan 4 years ago.  Let it be known, this location was selected because of the tulip festival.

We departed Denver to Frankfurt and jumped from Frankfurt to Amsterdam.  It was a pretty easy connection and I was mistaken for a German (there’s a theme for this trip).  From Schipol, I had arranged a limo so that we weren’t tired, cranky and lost (scroll back to the beginning of this blog when I thought that would be the name- Not Lost in Translation. Just Lost).  Since the room wasn’t ready yet when we arrived, we dumped our stuff and headed out to explore.  We walked over to a canal boat tour to enjoy the 70 degree weather.  It was spring fever.  Boats were full of groups of young, old, and everyone enjoying the canal.  People had set up folding chairs along the canals with a picnic.  The architecture was sublime. 

Our hotel, The Andaz, was formerly a library and a famous designer, Marcel Wanders, did a beautiful homage to Amsterdam with a modern twist. Delft, the blue and white pottery that was adapted (shall we say) from the Chinese pottery, is all over the hotel in different ways. We stayed in Princengracht for the first two nights. Hooray for Hyatt points! It’s a great part of the city to stay.  

The use of “XXX” is not an homage to the red light district but rather part of the coat of arms.  Just thought that was worth clarifying.

Buildings from 1600s line the canals.

Canal walls are lined with people enjoying the sunshine

Fish heads above the bed

Hotel bike

History of Amsterdam in Delft wallpaper


More hotel art

The coat of arms of Amsterdam

Bicycle culture

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2 Responses to Amsterdam in April – I’m on a boat 

  1. Gregory Gowans says:

    Congratulations on being able to make the trip. A great place to visit.

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