American Cabbie Story – Somalia to Chicago

The cabbie was chanting or singing when he opened the door for me.  1991 Somalia to Kenya.  2006 Somalia to Pittsburgh.  Pittsburg to Salt Lake City for 1 year to find work.  He’s a now Chicago taxi driver.  He was a nurse in Somalia.  His family lives here and his children go to college in the U.S.  He works 7 days a week and struggles to pay the $1800/month rent.

I wish my writing could portray his emotion of difficulty that he’s shared. But then the conversation turns Kilamangaro and lions.  A more appropriate conversation for the two minutes left to my Chicago hotel.  After he asks me why there is no malaria in the U.S. and why the U.S.  doesn’t send medicine, he tells me about how many children die of malaria.  He tells me 300′ vertical drilling can help the people with clean water.

Sleep tight and count your blessings.

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