Tapas Turkey Day Test #2: Oyster cornbread stuffing

This is why I do not do anything new for guests.  I took one bite of the test oyster cornbread stuffing and it ripped the roof of my mouth open.  So then I dug out the oysters and gave the rest to the dog.  My husband, not a picky eater, did the same.

Where did I go wrong?  Obviously Alton Brown knows more about food than I do.

Let’s review.

1.  Oyster volume. The recipe called for a pint of oysters. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get a pint of oysters + liquor, a key component of liquids.
2. Oyster quality. This was the first time I purchased oysters from a bucket. A bucket! I’m aware Southern Indiana is 600 miles to the Jersey Shore. The cans of oysters just arrived for Thanksgiving and I’ve purchased some for the next trial. While I did order oysters on the half shell from the local grocery store, I am going to cancel.
3. Corn bread dryness. I made cornbread in a skillet and dried it over night out on the counter as instructed. Next trial, I think I’m going to use fresh cornbread. It was already dry enough for my taste.

Take 2: while it was not dry, it still was bad. The Chicken of the Sea oysters turned black.

Alas, there will be no oyster cornbread stuffing this year.


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3 Responses to Tapas Turkey Day Test #2: Oyster cornbread stuffing

  1. aw man. it sounds like it would be delicious though! bummer. we’re the same way, can’t serve anything we haven’t already tested out to guests – for this reason! 😉

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