Hungry in Indiana

You know you are from NJ you buy British Hunter wellington boots to wear to a farm to pick up your heritage turkey.  Who pays $110 for a turkey???  Even I felt a little bratty and definitely looked like someone trying to look like a farmer a la Paris Hilton.  So I decided to look up just how many people are hungry.

There are 928,662 recipients of food stamps in Indiana.  *

In Johnson County, where I live, there are 11,826 people who get food stamps.  Geez, that’s a lot of neighbors who cannot afford to eat.

In my town of Greenwood, IN, there are more than 5 food pantries.  That seems like an awful lot for a town population of 52,000.

In doing research for this blog, it looks like many budget cuts will affect those in need.  According to the US Census Bureau, 49 million Americans live in food-insecure households.  I’m not quite sure exactly what food-insecure is but if the government counts it, it can’t be good.  And by the way, that is 16% of the population of the United States!

This Thanksgiving, I will donate and volunteer at the food pantry as well as pray for so many people in need.

What will you do to help the hungry this Thanksgiving?

* Source:

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