Heartland Happiness: Covered Bridge Festival

It was a crisp fall day in Indiana today, the kind you want to roll down the windows, go for a drive, and look at the trees.  And so we did.  Parke County boasts 31 covered bridges in various towns and the larger towns draw the crowds with various foods and crafts.

We drove to Rockville and I was bowled over in cuteness.  Even the vendors serving fried everything had cute shacks.  I had to have one of Indiana’s famous pork tenderloin sandwich followed by persimmon ice cream.

The routes are colored and mapped out on a covered bridge map but that didn’t stop us from getting lost but on a day of good driving, so what?

I will say the “festival” portion was more flea market than festival.  I think I might make the drives we missed in non-festival times.  As a civil engineer, I could take pictures of bridges every weekend.

How did you enjoy the fall weekend?

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5 Responses to Heartland Happiness: Covered Bridge Festival

  1. Our Adventure in Croatia says:

    is one of them bridges from the movie with Clint Eastwood? And what was the purposes of those bridges, ie why were they covered?

    • The movie was based on Iowa. In earlier times, several states including Indiana, Pennsylvania, Vermot covered bridges to allow the wood to last longer since it was untreated wood. They had many resources (trees). They also said it helped horses not get freaked out of water below. (coveredbridges.com)

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