Colleen and Pat’s Top of the Town

5280 Magazine top of the town issue is out and I thought this would be a fun thing to do as we leave our home in Highlands Ranch/Denver.

Best burger:
C: Teds Montana Grill
P: Teds Montana Grill

Best Place for a Beer
C: Perry’s Pizza
P: Landsdowne Arms

Best Ahi Tuna Sandwich
C: no idea
P: Old Blinking Light

Best Dining Experience
C: Beatrice and Woodsley
P: Bistro Vendome brunch outside

Best French Dip
C: J.Alexanders
P: off menu order at Teds on Sunday

Best Steak
C: Whole Foods and my backyard
P: Brook’s Steakhouse

Best Mussels
C: Bistro Vendome (but The Kitchen is damn close)
P: Bistro Vendome

Best Italian
C: Venice
P: Luca d’Italia

Best Pizza
C: Anthony’s
P: Big Bills

Best Fish Tacos
C: Hacienda Colorado
P: Landsdowne Arms

Best Sushi
C: Sushi Den
P: Sushi Den

Best Salad
C: White Chocolate Grill – ahi tuna salad
P: Landsdowne Arms – Cobb salad

Best Client Dinner
C: Venice (awesome private room)
P: my clients are elsewhere but Flemings

Favorite Meals in Denver
C: Artichoke tortelloni at Rioja, Scallops at Mizuna, Lamb at Fruition,
P: Mizuna, Croque Madame at Bistro Vendome

Best Highlands Ranch Farmers market item
C: roasted hatch chilies
P: schnitzel sandwich

Best Farmers Market
C: Cherry Creek
P: Cherry Creek

Best hike
C: Echo Mountain
P: Peak 9 Breck

Toughest hike on the beagle
C: Mohawk Lake
P: Mount Quandry

Best Ski Run
C: snow mass ski school!
P: Snowmass

Best of Highlands Ranch
C: Highlands Point and amazing mountain views
P: sunshine

Best Hair Salon
C: Brittney at Salon AKA in Southglenn
P: Floyd’s

Best Nursery
C: Gardens at Highlands Ranch
P: Gardens at Highlands Ranch

Best Secret of Highlands Ranch
C: 6 pools for the price of none!
P: dirt disposal along Griggs Road

What do you think?

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