Which ‘Hood to Hang our Hat?

How do you choose where to live when moving to a new state?

When we moved from New Jersey to Denver 9 years ago (my 12th move), I started with the highest SAT scores closest to Pat’s work and found the best neighborhood we could afford.
Shout out Firelight, Highlands Ranch! We love it here!
We were lucky to find a planned community with tons of open space, trails, indoor and outdoor pools, running club, farmers market, etc.

We enjoy a nice yard and nice neighbors in the burbs and commute to good food downtown on weekends despite the fact that we don’t have kids. Commuting 6 miles each way to work was a dramatic life-enhancement from 90 miles one way in New Jersey.

So we I am doing research on Indy, a town I know from high school swim meets at IUPUI and a half marathon while at Notre Dame, which means I have no clue about anything except St. Elmo’s shrimp cocktail burns if you take a bite off the top and the IUPUI pool is fast.

I thought this map was a pretty cool way to understand the town, however, Columbus is pretty far south. Do we change it up this time? Let the Internet research continue!


The paths in Highlands Ranch complete with view

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2 Responses to Which ‘Hood to Hang our Hat?

  1. Marie says:

    No shit…SAT scores? How in the heck do you find out what the SAT scores are?

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