The Perfect Day in Victoria

Seduced by the seaplane, we decided to start our trip to Victoria at the dock. We were pretty excited about the 30 minute flight to Vancouver Island. We had tickets for a trip to Butchart Gardens and finished with a ferry ride back to Vancouver. It was a perfect day.

Upon arrival, we took a lovely walk and a nice Canadian retiree explained, “Victoria is for the newly wed and the half dead.” It was a beautiful properly British city with lots of Victorian sensibilities. We decided to go to the Royal British Columbia museum. My attention span was about 8 minutes before I decided to go read outside. [ And before you judge – I was reading Then They Came For Me (the reason Jon Daily is in Iran this summer filming the movie)]

The we walked another few miles to find what was deemed to be one of the better places to eat – Ferris Oyster House. Fresh oysters, smoked oysters, and Kennebeck fries were pretty fantastic.

I’m going to skip photos of Butchart Gardens because it is worthy of its own blog. I will say it was overrun with less than polite visitors from China which made it less phenomenal but for a flower lover like myself – amazing place.

We then got on the ferry to Vancouver. And by ferry I should say cruise ship. We were in a bus and were one bus of many. Our ferry experiences have been much, much smaller.

When we arrived back to the Fairmont Pacific Rim, we decided to eat at their raw bar. It was the first day and I loved using my Japanese in speaking with the chef from Tokyo.






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