Discovery Sunday: Breckenridge

We decided to test my husband’s new car on the trip to Breckenridge today. [VW Golf named Fifa because it looks like a soccer ball]. Breck is my favorite place in the mountains and we went there the day before I left for Japan last summer. There’s a charming town and at the base of the mountain is a simple restaurant that allows dogs on the patio [Quandry Grill – fish tacos are a must]. Today is Farmers Market Day and they had an art show. One of the other reasons I love Breck is their use of mountain flowers which are at their peak – lupine, cosmos, columbine, icelandic poppies and other vibrant flowers line the streets and parks.  I liken Breck to Annapolis, MD where we lived for 5 years but swap the water for mountains.

Art Show in the Park

Charming Victorian Historic District

Mick stops to smell the flowers

Columbine- the Colorado state flower

A Friend to Lean On - a reminder of the mining days

A Friend to Lean On – a reminder of the mining days

Giant (4′) poppy

Paddleboarding – don’t fall in, that is freezing cold water!

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3 Responses to Discovery Sunday: Breckenridge

  1. Marie says:

    I went to a wedding of a friend in Breckenridge about 15 years ago…it was beautiful there! I can see why you love it.

  2. So beautiful! I road tripped cross country on Route 80 many years ago, and drove from Moab, Utah to Breckenridge in one day – I remember getting out the car dressed for the desert and it was snowing…

    • Yeah, my first Memorial Day in Colorado taught me about high altitude as well. The guide at Rocky Mountain National Park sent us back to our car to put on all the clothes we had.

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