Jersey Part 3: The Real New Jersey

When I tell people I’m from New Jersey, I am usually defending the other 8 million people who, like me, don’t resemble The Real Housewives of New Jersey. (Ok, it’s probably more like 5 million).

No, we aren’t like that

  • Minus the 4 year-old who speaks like she’s from Staten Island, the rest of us are accent-free.
  • We don’t use hairspray (I don’t even own it).
  • People, particularly business owners, are very friendly.

Yeah, it is like that

  • It is a very competitive environment where a kindergarten graduation felt like a competition to see who might go to Harvard.
  • Getting a parking space is an Olympic sport.
  • You will get the finger if you drive slowly on the highway.

Regardless, NJ is where I go to see my family.  Visiting them restores my soul. My nieces are the best and I just have to publicly share with you what a wonderful mother my sister has become.
You are amazing, Erin!

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4 Responses to Jersey Part 3: The Real New Jersey

  1. Bill Brooks says:

    Nice post!

    Bill from my iPhone

  2. Marie says:

    I just love looking at the photos of your nieces!

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