Top 5 Lessons from Bike to Work Day

Today, June 26, I participated in National Bike to Work Day. After my 9.6 mile trek to the office, I thought I might share top 5 lessons for next time.

biketowork 1. Leave your Tumi backpack with full size laptop at the office the night before. The 2 Ironman bikers might be laughing at you before they asked you how your Bike to Work Day was going.

2. Listen to your husband that you will be a sweaty mess when you get to work and prepare to have soap, shampoo, towel and a brush in your bag.

3. Remember your badge or you will have to use the front entrance to the office parading around in your spandex.

4. Use MapMyRun before the ride to scope out the route with the least hills. (This is for the return tonight).

5. Enjoy the fact that you have never wanted to get to the office so badly.

It was a great time and I may do it regularly.

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2 Responses to Top 5 Lessons from Bike to Work Day

  1. Marie says:

    Love this–okay if I share with the alternative commuting and EMS teams? You are awesome!

  2. Ok, but I don’t want my blondness on the intranet.

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