On the Anniversary of My Trip to Japan: The Bolder Boulder

Memorial Day Weekend 2012.

I can’t believe it was a year ago when my flight left for my adventures in Japan. I had taken an assignment as the only person on our project team to live in Japan by myself for 6-9 months.  My husband & I had lamb kabobs on the grill on Saturday night and the next morning, I took off with as much as I could fit in 2 bags.  I shlepped the 2 bags around with me on the train from Narita to Yokohama and the next day fumbled my way from the train to the office (and got lost.)

Memorial Day Weekend 2013.

Yesterday, I ran the Bolder Boulder 10k and celebrated Memorial Day with 48,000 other Americans. [Side note: I also submitted my application to be a part of our project team in Korea (yes, with my husband) this  weekend but we’ll see how that goes.]

Started Running.

I started back up with the Highlands Ranch Running Club about 8 weeks ago, going from the couch to 6 miles on Saturdays. I can finish any distance but this was my first time training consistently. You may be one of those people who can put on shoes and go out the door and do 6 miles, but I’m not. I lose the motivation so the team has been fantastic. And when I encounter those intimidating blue jackets with yellow “Boston” on them, I just pat myself on the back for getting out of bed.  [I also find compression socks and singlets to be intimidating.]

Bolder Boulder.

When I heard Bolder Boulder was the largest 10k in the country with attendance nearing 50,000 people, I knew that was the race for me.  I love the cheering, water guns, and fun things that go along with a large race.  I’ll take all of the distractions.

I swam in high school and college and as you can imagine, knowing a pool is fairly simple.  You warm up in the “course” and get a feel for the walls and that’s about it.  It is easy to do visual imagery of the event.  This is the one thing I find to be a blind spot in running.  Unless you’ve done the same event in previous years or you practice the course, it will be unfamiliar and difficult to find a race strategy.  Our coaches supplied a YouTube video of a strategy.  Google’s Boulder office also blogged about a Google 3D Sketchup of the course.

The post-race activities were amazing.  Watching Deena Castor (US Olympian) and other elite athletes from Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, and Canada run the same exact course you did and bust through the stadium was very cool.

The best part was watching jumpers carry the U.S. military flags from the sky to the tunes of “Proud to Be An American.”  I had it all on video ready to share until I heard myself singing on the video.

If you live in Colorado, I think participating in the Bolder Boulder is a rite of passage and really recommend it.
Incidentally, I did raise $800 (push click, Mom!) for the Dana-Farber Cancer Center in honor of my Dad. Thank you to those that donated. You have no idea how much it means to our family.

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2 Responses to On the Anniversary of My Trip to Japan: The Bolder Boulder

  1. Gail says:

    Amazing pictures! And you also had a great race!

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