Mother’s Day Ride

Today was one of those perfect Denver weather days – 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. It was a great day to ride from Confluence Park to Cherry Creek Park and back. Thanks to 5280 Magazine for a well-timed article on the best rides in Colorado. We called our mothers both of whom live on the East Coast, grabbed some sustenance, loaded the car and headed to REI.

We headed south from Confluence Park on the Platte River Trail. It’s worth mentioning that while did look at a map, I didn’t load a route in my iPhone so suffice it to say, we didn’t actually make it to Cherry Creek. Those of you who have followed my blog now know getting lost had NOTHING to do with being in Japan.  We actually went to Sheridan.

Regardless, we had a great 20 mile ride past Broncos Stadium, Elich Gardens, along the calm rapids of the Platte River (which flows North!) and finished through cool parts of Denver. Our trip ended at the Ale House, a Breckenridge Brewery restaurant in the Highlands.


Sustenance in the form of veggie leftovers


One of the many small rapids


Broncos Stadium on the way back

Beans or Blood? No idea but Pat and I scooted around this art piece at 16th Street Bridge

Confluence Park looking at the massive REI


Getting my mojo back at REI

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