Upcoming Dream Vacation – Sailing Around Turkey

A warm breeze. A cool cocktail. And a close haul. I cannot think of a better way to spend a relaxing day.

Let me rewind a little.

My husband and I were living in Annapolis, Maryland [sailing capital of the East Coast USA] for many years before we were married. His roommate was the captain of US Naval Academy sailing team. I crewed on a Kirby 25 then competed on Jboats Thursday nights.

When Pat and I were married living in New Jersey, we were invited to join a one-design club.

And now the fun part.

Several years ago, I posted on Facebook that I was headed to Berlin, Germany for work. Someone told me it was Oktoberfest that same time. A friend living in Dubai posted he had extra tickets to one of the tents. We met up for the first time since college and had a great time.

So when my friend called asking if we wanted to sail around Turkey, I was in right away. Who’s driving? What’s the setup? All of my inane questions were just details. We’ve been invited to sail with Pat’s past roommates, one of my managing directors, and the timing [read: money] has never been right.

We cannot wait!!!!


Signed Bill Bond picture, “Close Hauled” above our mantle

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