Repatriation- Meals I’ve Been Dreaming About

With jetlag and issues settling back in, I thought it better to save the words than blog.  In truth, I had no idea how difficult it would be to adjust and I wasn’t even gone that long.

“You stick your finger in the water and you pull it out, and that is how much of a hole you leave when you’re gone.” – Louis L’Amour

So back to positive things about being home:  FOOD!

Since I went on a cooking bonanza – chicken pot pie, beef short ribs with cheese polenta (fyi-polenta that falls on a flatop stove is instantaneously combustible), roasted stuffed vegetables, pumpkin shrimp curry from Bon Apetit, Jamie Oliver’s squash soup – there was less eating out than normal.  After cooking in my Japanese kitchen and eating out too much, I really did want to cook.  

Soup & sandwich fetish.

My first meal out was tomato bisque and chicken salad croissant at a restaurant that struggled to serve a Sunday brunch in a timely manner.  Nevertheless, I delighted over such a simple dish.  Perhaps the soup & sandwich is the US version of ramen?

My second meal out was a much dreamt about French dip from J. Alexanders.  While the restaurant may be a chain, they use rare prime rib that is seasoned to perfection and piled high.  I consider myself a French dip junkie and theirs is the best in town. [2nd place is the off-menu order at Ted’s Montana Grill.]

Colorado’s finest: Mexican.

There is only one meal that could get me off the couch while watching a movie in front of the fireplace during a blizzard – Mexican from Hacienda Colorado.  They have home made tortillas, salsa and amazing guacamole.  Fish and chicken tacos were my selection while my husband got the carne asada.  Carne asada was a perfectly medium rare steak with seasoning.  It must have been a skirt steak.  The guacamole (“guac” in local speak) is chunky, spicy and creamy.  The humugus margaritas (“margs” in local speak) are the perfect mix of sour and sweet.

I will return this upcoming week for their outrageous green chili but apparently, my spice-handling has diminished from being in Japan.

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6 Responses to Repatriation- Meals I’ve Been Dreaming About

  1. Hmmm. Beef short ribs! Yummy! 🙂

  2. Oh, I know you posted those Mexican photos just for my pleasure…and torture!!!

  3. meagan8477 says:

    I always load up on Mexican food any time I go home!

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