Why Is My Toilet So Cold and Other Repatriation Issues

I woke up on Sunday after my first night at home since moving back from Japan and nearly froze from using the toilet.  I never thought I would miss the heated toilet seat so much.  I walked downstairs, I thought – it is so cold!  The thermostat was set to 65 so I bumped it up to 72.

While in Japan, I would run my fan in the office even in winter because the heat is kept so high.  My flat was also extremely warm and I constantly turning the heat off to cool it down.

Patrick made me a cup of coffee and served it in one of those oversized cups.  I told him I didn’t need that much coffee, that’s too big.

I did not say that about the oversized wine pour we had eating out yesterday.

He responded, wow, you really did adjust to Japan.

I guess I did because I was disgusted to see dog poop on the sidewalk heading to the park.  I also find myself nodding to everyone.  It is a very difficult thing to stop and why shouldn’t we nod as a sign of respect?

While chatting with a neighbor from Hong Kong, we talked about trains in Denver being a joke compared to Japan.  [Now, I need to say, the trains are great for getting to a Broncos or Rockies game and the train construction looks to be underway at Denver International Airport.  It’s just comparatively, it is a different scale – as it should be 35 million people versus 2 million people.]

My husband does not let me drive the first few days due to a near miss when I was home in August.  [Insert female driver from New Jersey joke here] But really, while I obviously do not forget how to drive a car, the jet lag does affect my reaction time.

No trouble here.


Prior to adding cheese and bread crumbs

One thing I did not have trouble adjusting to is my huge kitchen.  I made braised beef short ribs courtesy of Epicurious and simultaneously cooked Faris a la Nicoise (Nice-Style Stuffed Vegetables) courtesy of Saveur Cooks Authentic French.  We had the vegetables because I realized Pat has probably not eaten a vegetable in 3 months.

Do you have any culture carry-overs or issues when you go home?

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4 Responses to Why Is My Toilet So Cold and Other Repatriation Issues

  1. Marie says:

    The veggies look yummy! What was stuffed in them, if you hadn’t yet added bread crumbs and cheese?

    I remember feeling disgusted with the materialism and acquisition obsession in the U.S.

  2. We felt the same way when we’re back from Japan…so we decide to get one bidet seat.

  3. traveller says:

    Whenever I go back to Europe I find people cold, reserved and impersonal. And I’m shocked by the number of rules everywhere. Rules rule and it’s not an easy rule on their subjects.
    Living in the Middle East spoils you in that way:)

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