Repatriation-First Day Home

Good morning from Denver! In the last few days, the movers came, I spent a few nights at the Intercontinental in a comfy bed, and I said goodbye to the team in Japan. Even though I was bumped up to the front of the plane, it was still a long ride yesterday.

My first purchase at LAX was Diet Coke and USWeekly – America’s best products that are not exports. [future blog on America’s best exports forthcoming – iPad, Kit Kat, 7Eleven].

I made dinner last night in what feels like the largest kitchen ever. And my husband will go back to his preferred status at the dry cleaners after unpacking all my dirty clothes. My first thought this morning was how cold the toilet seat was. Toto [Japanese toilet brand] does have something special.

What will I do on my first day back?
1. Grocery shop. Clearly, my husband has been sustaining himself on pierogies and Whole Foods takeout. But in truth, I LOVE grocery shopping. It is like yoga to me.

2. Read magazines. My Burpee, Gardeners Supply, and Pottery Barn catalogs were devoured last night and it occurred to me that I haven’t read anything [hard copy] since Thanksgiving.

3. Cook. Beef short ribs are defrosting for braising and the oven will be on for 5 hours. It is going to be sensory overload.

4. Go for a run. Well, walk probably. The altitude change takes some adjustment as I live at 6,000 feet.

5. Fall asleep at 7pm. I’m tired already and I just woke up. This week will be jet lag recovery.

Since I am taking Monday off, I will save the mani-pedi and facial for later.


Mickey Beagle, my partner in naps

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5 Responses to Repatriation-First Day Home

  1. Welcome home! Enjoy! Eat some real Mexican food and then describe it 🙂

  2. Welcome home! Today is a beautiful day, so maybe I should be thanking you for bringing it with you?

  3. Julie says:

    Welcome back! Already, I totally relate to your re-adjustment to things as you get used to it here all over again. Good luck getting over that jet lag! Moving back was the first time I experienced it truly. It was SO weird.

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