Sayonara, Japan

I have enjoyed being an expat on a mega project surrounded by people from Japan, UK, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Philippines, and other places around the world.  Visiting China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong opened my eyes to the rich, diverse Asian cultures.  Certainly, the people of Japan have captured my heart.

Time to say goodbye.

It hasn’t been easy, both personally and professionally, but this life-changing last 10 months was worth it.  As I wrap up with movers tomorrow, a farewell party on Friday, and my flight on Saturday, the reality of goodbye is setting in and I am emotional about it.

Thank you. 

You, my blogosphere friends, have really helped get me through being so lonely and allowed me to be excited about sharing my adventure.  For that, I thank you!  This online community is really a wonderful place.  I have learned from expats who’ve shared their stories, amazing photographers around the world and surprisingly, my own enjoyment of telling stories.

The next chapter.

I’m going to make the torii – a gate – my symbol for the next chapter.  I will be walking through a gate without knowing what’s on the other side but for sure, it will be an adventure.

tori.jpgI’m going to leave myself the option of posting between now and Sunday as this has been my main outlet for what is going on, but I may absorb these last few days and process my thoughts after returning to Denver.  [Actually, I am going to rant about TSA, I just know it.]

See you soon.

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13 Responses to Sayonara, Japan

  1. I know how you feel, I fell in love with Japan and was so brokenhearted when I left! Happy and safe travels! 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    Best of luck to you, Colleen! Hope your move goes smoothly. xxx

  3. Angela Duncan says:

    I am so jealous of your amazing experience. Living in another country is still on my bucket list – I just need to find the right opportunity. I know it wasn’t easy…but so glad to hear it was worth it. Good luck with your move and getting acclimated back to the States. Looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing more stories about Japan!

  4. Our Adventure in Croatia says:

    good luck on your future travels and projects Jersey Joshii !! all the best with the move.

  5. Father Brooks says:

    Very proud to you.


  6. Marie says:

    In the effort to keep you blogging, I have nominated you for a Liebster award:

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