Tonkatsu Tuesday

Tuesday evening I ventured over for some tonkatsu. Let me walk you through the process.

It’s difficult for me to sit down at a katsu restaurant and not think of Winnie the Poo and his pot of honey.  This jar is the dipping sauce that awaits your prepared bowl.


The salad is endless shredded cabbage.  I probably like the sesame dressing better than the cabbage but together, they are dynamite.


I took a close up of the bowl because if you like grinding things, it’s amazing.  The ground sesame is the basis for the dipping sauce.  I opted out of the sauce but enjoy the seeds.P1080737 P1080738 P1080739

And now, the piece de resistance – fried pork.  Perfect Iberico pork from Spain slathered in panko bread crumbs and fried.  P1080740

If it looks like it’s oozing with taste, you’re right.  P1080741Of course, I skipped lunch today because I was still feeling the friedness.

The US version of this would be “Shake n Bake” but this is just so much tastier.

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2 Responses to Tonkatsu Tuesday

  1. Ooh… I am drooling already….the tonkatsu looks so juicy and yummy 🙂

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