Miyajima Torii

One of the most-photographed locations in Japan is this bright orange gate which stands alone in the Japan Sea with backdrop of Hiroshima.


High tide with a furry friend


Clear blue water is revealed when the sun escapes from the clouds


Low tide exposes a walkable island underneath.

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6 Responses to Miyajima Torii

  1. Marie says:

    Nice photos!! I love Miyajima…went there twice when I lived in Japan. How’d you get that deer to pose in your photo?

    • I loved it. I wish I knew how nice it was, I would have gone there with Pat. I have a ton of deer photos, saving them for a rainy (snowy) day. They were really aggressive beggars. I stayed overnight on the island and spent about 2 hours trying to get an osprey photo. They were doing uturns above my room.

  2. Those deer were so adorable and almost ate our maps! 🙂

  3. Tara says:

    Your photography has been amazing!

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