Discovery Sunday: Mount Misen

Miyajima and Hiroshima did not disappoint.  They were amazing and my head is still spinning from the Hiroshima Peace Museum so while I digest the heart of the trip, I will give you my hike up Mount Misen on Miyajima Island.
My husband and I started Discovery Sundays after we moved from New Jersey to Colorado 9 years ago.  We picked a new hike every Sunday to explore and posted the photos on Facebook.  I think as a part of my post-repatriation blog, I’ll start this back up again.

Name: Mount Misen, Momijidani Course

Elevation: 1700 vertical feet

Distance:  2.3km hike; 90 minutes up, 1 hour down

Why didn’t you take the ropeway?  It was down for maintenance

Why did you go at all?  Promise of MONKEYS at the top; I haven’t done any training for the half marathon 1 APRIL.

What they should have said:  You will be climbing 170 flights of stairs.

The hike:  Spectacular climb along side a river.  Mossy rocks, fern, deer, and the sound of water rushing.  Once the canopy opened up, I was rewarded with magnificent views of the archipelago.  NO MONKEYS.  The least crowded place I’ve been in Japan (testament to the hike difficulty).

As I was descending, I was reminiscing about my Fuji summit in 2001.  The hike up was great, but about 10 minutes into my trip down, I rolled my ankle in the loose lava rocks. Not a minute later, I totally wiped out on ice and landed on my back.

At the shrine just below the peak, there were all these little statues in nooks.

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6 Responses to Discovery Sunday: Mount Misen

  1. Vividhunter says:

    Promise of monkeys at the top would keep me away… Japanese monkeys scare me ><

  2. thedrunkbirder says:

    Nice Oriental Turtle Dove.

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