Consumption Countdown – Last Eats in Japan


Chicken and leek yakitori – heaven on a stick

This is getting serious.  I cannot dream of hamburgers* when I have 18 meals left in Japan.  [This weekend in Hong Kong Friday night through Sunday will be dim sum and duck tacos**, farewell party will be party fare].

So like any good Project Manager, I made a plan.  Re-engage lunch club and list out all of the food to eat before I go home.

  1. Ramen
  2. Tonkatsu – [Tried this tonight but the whole mall is closed ????]
  3. Soba
  4. Curry udon
  5. Yakitori – [eating it tonight but I could eat this every night]
  6. Gyoza
  7. Tempura
  8. Shabu Shabu
  9. Korean BBQ
  10. Thai
  11. Chinese
  12. Pizza [I know but it’s so much better than home and personal goodbye]
  13. Gnocchi [personal goodbye]
  14. Hard Rock Cafe chicken sandwich
  15. Oysters
  16. Sushi

What am I missing?  Don’t say oden – not a fan.  I just ate Hiroshima okonomiyaki and it was awesome so not eating it again.

*I do dream of having Ted’s Montana Grill Beef Burger with Avocado.  Best burger in Denver, IMHO.

**Peking duck is served with the most beautiful crepe/tortilla type accoutrement and when I was in Beijing I said just like tacos, they laughed and it took – duck tacos.

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9 Responses to Consumption Countdown – Last Eats in Japan

  1. Okonomiyaki? One of my faves…and tan tan men ramen specifically is my obsession. Yaki soba? I love it with that pickled ginger!

  2. Try the Japanese curry, it’s really good! Also MOS burger (MOS rice burger, takumi burger, tonkatsu burger and teriyaki burger are some of their unique burgers. 🙂

  3. How about Okonomiyaki? It’s yummy and fun experience, trying to cook them on flat pan with spatula 🙂

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