Setsubun at Sensoji: Beans, Bobble-Heads, and Bananas

Beans, Glorious, Beans!

Beans, Glorious, Beans!

Setsubun Festival celebrates the beginning of spring.  And what a fun time at Sensoji.  I arrived just in time for a mid-day bean throwing.


After the beans, they paraded out of the temple.  Just when I thought the party ended, there was play.


The bobble-head type costumes were unique but unfortunately, the wearers were height-challenged and the railing made more appearances than the actors.

The highlight of the day was seeing a dog in a kimono.  Unfortunately, it was running and I couldn’t get a good photo.  I watched a newscaster run after it for a picture.


Japanese festivals are not complete without the edible fair accoutrement – okonomiyaki, octopus balls, and chocolate-dipped bananas.  I had 3 bites of what I thought was okonomiyaki but it was fish with egg and pancake.  After the parade, I got a grilled potato.

In lieu of waiting an hour to see the famous people throw beans, I opted to walk to the Tokyo Sky Tree and have dinner.  [Separate post].

Then I headed to Sogo to see some of the suggested foods for the Setsubun holiday.

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8 Responses to Setsubun at Sensoji: Beans, Bobble-Heads, and Bananas

  1. Our Adventure in Croatia says:

    looks so alien and exotic!

  2. cocomino says:

    Nice photos. I like Setsubun.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I have been to Japan few years ago, I enjoyed the visit. I really liked to visit their old temples and gardens! In April, the cherry blosom and tourists will be crazy there as always..

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