Detangling for Denver

I booked my flight – March 2, 2012.  I will be sleeping in my own bed with my dog and my husband the Saturday night 4 weeks from today.


My time here has been only partially entagled with Japan and only in detangling, have I noticed that I have a connection stronger than I thought, mostly in the personal relationships with the people with whom I work.  I quite like the team.

Even my little apartment needs detangling.  The new home for my Costo cubes which act as end tables with go to the lovely Notre Dame couple that took me to Costo.  The movers have been scheduled.  This week, I will cancel my DoCoMo phone and pocket wi-fi.  My residence card is being processed for return.  My farewell party has been scheduled.

Visions of home

In preparation for my return, I’ve done a few things:

  • Ordered my “upper garden” for the patio and ordered seeds – lettuce, bok choy, spinach, carrots, beets, cucumbers, and broccoli
  • Bought 8th row tickets to Sting at Red Rocks on Jun 5th
  • Ordered new rimmed baking sheets to make the roasted asparagus for Easter dinner.
  • Signed up for the Platte River Half Marathon and contacted my running club that I would be returning.  [whoo hoo for the slow people group!]
  • Ordered fabric for the bench seat and curtains I’ve wanted in the green empty bedroom.

[Seriously, the internet is the best thing Al Gore ever invented.]

[Idea 2 is that I am well-aware my expat per diem will end in 4 weeks]

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6 Responses to Detangling for Denver

  1. Marie says:

    Great ways to prepare for your return home. Enjoy your last month in Nippon!

  2. Sting at Red Rocks – I’m jealous! That’s such a gorgeous venue. And cool you have a “slow” 1/2 marathon group – I’ve been debating whether to give running here another try (there’s a 1/2 in April) as it seems the only people willing to go through the red tape to run here (you need a professional sports certificate, complete with ekg and urinalysis!) are folks who leave me in the dust! Enjoy the rest of your time and all the fun you have planned for your return!

    • Colleen says:

      Do it. Even if you tag alone on the sidelines. [ What the truck on red tape!!] Our running club is run by a Boston Marathoner but they are so nice and accommodate the 11 minute miler. [Truth be told, I was a good swimmer in college.]

  3. I love your preparations for returning to Denver. Now you have me craving a Red Rocks show!

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