The Blonde and Her 3 iPads

This is a story about a blonde and her 3 iPads.

2012-11-21 05.14.18

iPad 1.

Purchased with excitement, iPad 1 joined the blonde in March 2012 to best prepare for the May departure to Japan.  Apple told the blonde that the iPad wouldn’t work in Japan and a local network would need to be subscribed while in Japan.  In April of 2012, the blonde fell asleep on a red-eye flight from Hawaii to SFO with iPad 1 in the seat back pocket.  Frantically remembered no iPad when arriving into the United lounge, the blonde went to the desk, got a gate agent to meet her at the plane, and 2 sweeps of the plane provided no results.  The blonde was really upset because she was in first class and only 2 rows would have passed the seat but the blonde was not as upset as the blonde’s husband.

Incidentally, that is a very bad way to end a 10-year wedding anniversary vacation.

iPad 2.

iPad 2 joined the blonde in May 2012 prior to leaving for Japan.  iPad 2 was an important piece of the blonde’s time in Japan.  It was entertainment during dinners alone, gps locator to find train stations and directions, draw pictures and sketches on Penultimate for work, and act as a scanner for expenses.  On the return trip from Thailand after 2 weeks of rigorous meetings in December, the blonde fell asleep in the last 10 minutes of the flight, and departed the plane without iPad 2.  At this point in the blonde’s stay in Japan, she treated iPad 2 as an appendage.  It is still unclear how this happened as iPad 2 was in the blonde’s lap.

Fear set in as the blonde’s husband was expected in Japan the next week!

iPad 3.

The blonde has a very lovely blonde sister in New Jersey who was called upon immediately to replace iPad 2 with iPad 3 before the blonde’s husband arrived in Japan, Saturday December 21, 2012.  The blonde’s husband didn’t have to know!  It was a great plan.

The lovely blonde sister bought iPad 3, insured it and shipped it for arrival the exact Saturday that the blonde’s husband would arrive.  Only, the sister made an educated guess to buy iPad 3 in white when iPad 2 was black.  Get a cover, lovely sister suggested.

So, the blonde’s husband arrived and the blonde went with the story that iPad 2 was left in the office and that’s why it wasn’t with us on our journey to Kyoto.  The blonde was able to keep this cover for about 5 minutes as she is a terrible liar.  So upon return to the apartment in Yokohama, there was no sign of iPad 3.  No note, no notice that anyone shipped it.

iPad 3 was lost.

The lovely blonde sister was in Florida until mid-January so no real information was garnered about poor iPad 3 until then.  According to records, it was, in fact, in Japan but the blonde was told by the Japanese post office that there were no packages in International.

The blonde went to the post office on February 1st to find out iPad 3 was returned to sender on January 27.  !!!!  The blonde is relieved iPad 3 is believed to be found but the saga continues…..

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9 Responses to The Blonde and Her 3 iPads

  1. Marie says:

    That is hilarious! Remind me to never leave any of my children with you. 😉

  2. Our Adventure in Croatia says:

    blonds sound dangerous within sight of any iPads… sorry for one impertinent question from a one “non-blond” ……. don’t they sell iPads in Japan? I thought they were the most technologically advanced nation?? 🙂

  3. Sooooo funny! And I’m so sorry–this falls into the category “can’t make this s*** up”, happens a lot at my house! Thanks for stopping by my little blog! Stacey

    • Colleen says:

      Stacey, your blog/garden is AMAZING. The first thing I thought of was that you must give it so much love. I just got into gardening a couple of years ago and White Flower Farm is a bible in my house.

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