Touch Here for Toro


Kaiten sushi is nothing new or maybe new to some but “conveyor belt” sushi has been popping up in the US over the last decade.

This particular restaurant, Sushi Train, has 2 levels of conveyor systems.  The bottom is for the typical sushi of the day and then the top level is for custom orders.  Custom ordering usually entails yelling “Ita-san, toro onegaishimasu!”, however, Sushi Train has perfected the system.

How it Worked.

I touched the toro (tuna) item on the iPad and placed my order.  The sushi arrived on the top conveyor at my seat and the red button made me aware it arrived.  After removing my tuna plate, I pressed the red button and the dish went back to the kitchen immediately.

Wouldn’t this ordering system be great everywhere?

After piling up the plates of delicious salmon and tuna, I pressed the button to call over the waitress for my check.  She took a handheld computer and waved it over my plates, which are color-coded for pricing.  Immediately, she handed me my bill.

I did go Jersey on them.

I should mention when I arrived, there was a line of 40 people and I saw an empty seat in the restaurant.  Most people do not dine alone, in fact, no one does.  So, I walked up to the waitress, pointed to the seat and made the symbol 1.  [ I know, who the hell am I to think I am more efficient than the Japanese.  Sorry, America, for being embarrassing.]  She asked me if could read Japanese and escorted me to the back of the line.  I, however, went back to my spot in line and she confirmed with the people behind me that I did, in fact, belong there.  Now that I think about it, it might be set up as 1 iPad for every 2 seats.

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6 Responses to Touch Here for Toro

  1. rosiemac75 says:

    I love that you got back in line. Love you Col!!

    • Colleen says:

      Queue jumpers are not tolerated here and that’s a good thing but I wasn’t trying to skip the line. Well, actually, I guess I was, huh? Not really but it did come off that way.

  2. Tara says:

    There’s one of these conveyor type sushi places in Tyson’s mall and I’m always freaked out to try. Glad to know how it works. I still don’t know I’d trust it in am American mall though, sorry to say.

  3. Our Adventure in Croatia says:

    gosh sounds complicated just to get a bit of food in my stomach…. I don’t like sushi anyway… would probably have to go on a diet in Japan… 🙂

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