Sapporo Snow Festival and Countdown to the End


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I’m excited to share that I will be meeting one of my best friends in Sapporo the weekend of the Snow Festival, 8 Feb – 10 Feb.  [Of course, I can’t find a hotel room so if you know of any place, please let me know.]

This weekend, I was thinking about maximizing the time left I have in Japan – 5 more weekends!  I booked a hotel for Miyajima and will couple that with Hiroshima for 16-17 Feb.  I booked a hotel for next weekend for to see the snow monkeys in Nagano but JR East was quick to tell me the Shinks are sold out.

So I am debating what to do 26-27 Jan and 2-3 Feb. Hopefully, I can get a shinkansen to Nagano on 2-3 Feb but with ski weekends at their peak, I probably didn’t plan ahead enough.

I did see 2-3 Feb was a Lantern Lighting in Nara that looked neat.  Also a Setsubun Festival.  I reviewed the tour book today and feel I’ve seen the “major” places.

What else would you make time to do?


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7 Responses to Sapporo Snow Festival and Countdown to the End

  1. You can see some monkeys up this way….and Kama Kura festival starts next week!

  2. hannabealla says:

    uh oh! You’ve just made me realise that I can’t find a room in Sapporo on the 8th when I was planning on being there… Did you end up finding one or staying somewhere nearby?

  3. Good that you’re doing HIroshima. Have you ever been to Takayama? Or hiked Koyasan? Those are two of my favorite memories from my time in Japan. Enjoy your time!

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