Saigon for San (3) Days

I’d like to show you a snippet of my 3 day visit to Saigon, Vietnam in December but I have a disclaimer.  Since I was there for work, most of my pictures were taken from a moving vehicle and they are, well, you’ll see, but I need to tell the story as a part of my time living in Japan.

The people are quite happy and friendly.  The food was phenomenal but my general feeling while I was there was sadness.  Sadness for the poverty, the chaos, and the country.   I am no historian (stop laughing, husband) but I just kept asking myself – did we do thiswas it like this before? how can the people be so happy when they don’t have walls or floors?

We waited an hour for the ferry.  I took photos of the people along the way until a little boy stood outside the car and stared at the driver.  He was there for what felt like 15 minutes, surely seeking assistance.  As a Jersey Girl, I know this happens in NY when you’re trying to get into the Lincoln Tunnel but never a shoeless little boy.

The CEO of the company we were with was proud his wife was 19 years his junior so they could have 4 babies instead of 2.  They will move the children to New Zealand for their education.

Because it was a work trip, I don’t have pictures of the food except my room service but the soft-shelled crabs were the best thing I ever ate.

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