Dinner Challenge – Chicken Pot Pie

I couldn’t stand it.

I woke up to a blizzard.  All this talk about food we miss and I broke down and attempted to make chicken pot pie.  There is not much better than chicken pot pie on a snowy day.

A few hurdles stood in the way – 3″ of slush and snow, no cash which meant I knew which expat store I had to purchase from, and oh yeah, no oven.

I’m adaptive so I made due.

The inspiration:  My favorite cooking site, Epicurious.  Link to the recipe is below.  If you were to digest the recipe, you make a broth by poaching the chicken then make the filling then bake.  This version skipped the bake part.


I didn’t see fresh herbs but I was pretty excited to see spices – sage, rosemary, and thyme.    Any cook would be embarrassed to say they used dried herbs but I was jumping for joy.  After checking two stores, there were no peas or frozen peas, no chanterelles but good shiitakes and I didn’t bother looking for pearl onions.

The Chicken

I used 2 chicken breasts and cut them up so they would cook in a short time.  When I put the ingredients into the pot, I was laughing.  My dutch oven at home would have been a better pot but I was betting on how long it would take to boil over [answer: not long].  The smells of sage, rosemary, thyme and French onion, carrots, celery were warm and comforting.  (Actually, better than the meal.)


I used my only carrot in the broth so I ended up using a half a bag of frozen corn, peas and carrots.  I saved half of the leek for the filling as well.  I thought about cooking the potatoes ahead of time.  I should have.  While I didn’t measure (the recipe called for a whole chicken), I did use the entire stick of butter.  Mmmm.

The Result?

It looked like pot pie and it tasted like pot pie.  Most of all, it was nice to pass the time doing something I love and smelling familiar smells.


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5 Responses to Dinner Challenge – Chicken Pot Pie

  1. Well done! The weather was amazing up here, so much snow! Can you usually not find spices at your grocery store? That is one thing (dried at least) that is plentiful in all the grocery stores I frequent!

  2. Andrea J says:

    1st time coming here, had a good time looking at the pictures and reading some post so far. I was wondering sense you can’t have crust there ever thought of tortillas from scratch you can use a skillet or a skillet cornbread, not sure if they have corn meal though???? Do they puff pastry for a toaster oven, lol. Panko breadcrumbs topper? Just some ideas. Your pot pie makes me want one with mushrooms now.

    • Colleen says:

      I guess I’m not that creative with substitutions! Great ideas! Thanks for visiting. Tortillas from scratch sounds like baking. They have everything, but it took 10 minutes of miming to get the flour right. I’m starving – cannot wait for real Thai food tonight.

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