The Groceries of My Dreams – A Reply

Photo from wikipedia

Photo from wikipedia

New Mexico to Italy posted The Groceries of My Dreams (link below) and I would like to respond to groceries I dream about and groceries I will dream about.  My return to the US is but a mere 7 weeks away so I really have been focuses on the former.

I am Having This When I Get Home (Groceries I Dream About)

  • Diet Coke – not Coke Zero, not Pepsi Next – DIET COKE.
  • US Prime Beef – most of the beef in Japan is thinly sliced for saute or boil and even the thick cut is very different; excellent but different
  • Farm-raised Norwegian Salmon – it seems silly to pine for something that’s considered inferior to the fish available here but I like it.
  • Mexican – Tia’s tortilla chips, Green Mountain Salsa, and 505 Green Chili
  • Chicken pot pie – One of my friends was talking about pot pie on Facebook and I cannot stop thinking about Costco chicken pot pie.
  • Can opener – I’m getting one from the US so I can have the S&W Beans to go in my chili.  Most of the cans in Japan have a peel lid.

Slightly off topic but relevant to groceries of my dreams:

  • Labels I can read.  I had no idea that the spicy sauce I like to cook vegetables in was kim chi until I showed a friend.  I buy the green container of ice coffee.  Is it decaf? I have no idea.
  • An oven and a grill.  While I CAN buy a whole chicken, I can’t cook it.
  • Using a car to transport groceries.  Carrying your groceries significantly influences what you buy (as in, not a case of Coke Zero) and the frequency of shopping.

Groceries I Will Dream About

It seems my husband’s jaunt to Japan has significantly influenced his diet as he has dusted off our rice cooker from our wedding gifts, found where to get noodles, and drinks miso soup every day.  But somethings just aren’t the same.

  • Rice – beautiful sticky rice
  • Eggs – the eggs here are really good.  They have different color yolk than the US
  • Japanese pearsI will have to go to an Asian market to get them.
  • Noodles –  Fresh noodles – ramen, soba, udon, …
  • Gyoza – fresh gyoza
  • Tempura shrimp – it is so light and tasty and done very differently in the US
  • Rice balls
  • Department store grocery shopping – organized, fancy, and EVERYTHING you could want all together

See the original post: The Groceries of My Dreams

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8 Responses to The Groceries of My Dreams – A Reply

  1. Sam says:

    I dream of Mexican food! And real pizza…you’d think that since we’re living relatively close to Italy, we could get some good pizza in Germany, but anywhere in the U.S. beats here 🙂

    • Colleen says:

      Ha! I LOVE the pizza in Japan. There are a ton of Italians here (and a bone of contention with me and New Mexico To Italy 🙂 ) We’ll have to do a blog on food you eat out because burgers are what I really miss.

    • Colleen says:

      Thinking about it, I don’t remember the food in Germany. Perhaps it’s because they serve beer in Litre mugs! Just kidding, I’d do anything for German potatoes.

  2. Well, I believe you have had good Italian food in Japan, we just didn’t have the same experience 🙂 I can tell you as happy as I was to find the “secret” Japanese place yesterday, it does not even come CLOSE to the food we ate in Japan!

    • Colleen says:

      Good point. Pizza in Denver (burbs) pales in comparison to New Jersey so I’m just happy to have good pizza in general. And cheese, there is no cheese in Japanese diet.

  3. dreckert2 says:

    I miss the chirashi sushi bento boxes that are on a discount after three PM in the grocery stores in Japan. Here in Italy, I miss Jif peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwiches (I know that sounds bad, but it was a treat for me in the states).

  4. Marie says:

    Actually, you can get Asian pears in most supermarkets nowadays. I love them. We actually have a tree in our backyard, but the pears it produces are much smaller than the big ones in Japan.

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