Purse Pooches and Doggie Dior

I blame Paris Hilton. Small dogs with clothes really weren’t “in” until the world met Tinkerbell.* The fad of having a dog has been taken to new heights in Japan.

Since I live across from a park, I get to see these dogs get there exercise.  Many of the dogs are long-haired dachshunds or as I now refer to them, LHDs. Poodles and chihuahuas are also popular breeds.

There are dog strollers, dog Louis Vuitton, and my favorite, dog puffy coats. As I was typing this, I decided to look outside. This is what I saw:




Puppy puffy coats

Incidentally, these dogs and their moms were about 10 feet from each other.

*A quick internet search led me to learn two of Ms. Hilton’s dogs are named Harajuku B!tch and Tokyo Blu which she purchased in Japan. Information courtesy of Celebrity Dog Blog. My unfounded guess now sounds fairly plausible.

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4 Responses to Purse Pooches and Doggie Dior

  1. Renchick says:

    Great post! Bento-sized dogs ( or BSDs) lol…

  2. Marie says:

    In the 1980s, very few people seemed to have dogs in Japan. Now they seem all the rage!

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