How much would you pay for a dozen strawberries?

Japan is an expensive place – real estate, clothes, electronics – however, groceries seem to be on par with some of the prices in Colorado. Buying in season fruits and vegetables is less costly than out of season and seemingly more popular with “buy local” food culture.

How much money would you pay for 12 strawberries?

Not strawberries from a special mountain or blessed by a monk, just 12 strawberries.

2000 yen = $22.90!

I’ll stick with my cuties. How much are strawberries where you are?

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6 Responses to How much would you pay for a dozen strawberries?

  1. Those prices should be creeping down a bit soon since the season is Jan-Mar, we got more than 12 here for 500 yen but they are small (probably normal sized just small compared to American steroid strawbs) and grown here in Nikko. If you see a good price and they are the really small kind, splurge! It’s a culinary DELIGHT, the best strawberries in the world…seriously taste like they are dipped in powdered sugar.

  2. Colleen says:

    Really, that good? Ok, I’ll try.

  3. cookie5683 says:

    Dipped in gold I would think. It’s hard for me to imagine cause I picked strawberries out of the underbrush when I grew up, but I’m thinking most things are expensive there

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