Kyoto Christmas

My husband & I spent 3 days in Kyoto and stayed at a ryokan but prior to showing you Kyoto, Pat made many observations regarding Japan. My favorites were:

I’ve never been so happy to see a 7-Eleven before.

What’s with the garbage?

These toilets are amazing.

Is there anything else on TV?

Don’t they have editors here?

As you can see, his experience parallels my prior blogs on cash, garbage, and toilets.  I haven’t touched the mistakes in interpretation (editor comment) as most of the errors are not “G”-rated but Pat’s sophomoric sense of humor was rewarded.  [His favorite comedies are The Hangover and Ted.]

On to Kyoto

The Ryokan

Ryokans should be relabeled Jersey Joshii’s Version of Camping.  While the experience is very Japanese and quite special, for those of us that love sleep [me], it is not the most comfortable.

The room opened up onto a beautiful garden.  The room is basically tatami mats with 2 teak chairs that sit on the floor and 2 tables.  The futons for sleeping are pulled out after dinner was served and cleaned up.  The bathroom was a separate room outside which took us 2 days to figure out how to put the heater on so it was pretty close to camping.

The bath is a ritual famous in Japan.  First, you wash then you bathe.  We had the option of having the bath to ourselves.  Of course, we messed up the second morning and threw off the schedule for the ryokan.  When you have dinner or breakfast, it is served in your room and a yukata is the attire.

About town

Kyoto is full of  temples and shrines, beautiful waterways, hidden nooks and crannies.  The nooks and crannies remind me of the personality of Annapolis, Maryland but clearly Japanese.  There are only 300 geisha’s in Kyoto according to online reading but we managed to see one (maybe).  It is a magical place to visit and we enjoyed a very different Christmas experience.

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2 Responses to Kyoto Christmas

  1. Marie says:

    Great photos! Kiyomizudera was always one of my favorite spots in Japan!

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