Clothes Shopping for the Jolly Blonde Giant

I knew when I came to Japan, I would have trouble finding clothes that fit so I didn’t bother to look. When I discovered my favorite store, Talbots, where I shop exclusively in the US, I was overly optimistic that I would be able to find something. I should mention that I am 5’9″ tall with an out-of-shape-swimmer-who-likes-to-eat physique. With all the dieting in the world, I still will never be a “petite”.

No luck.

This means that packing properly takes on some importance because errors can’t be corrected by a quick trip to the mall. It has been warm and beautiful up until my trip home for Thanksgiving so I was lulled into thinking winter would be warm. Actually, I was advised not to bring heavy sweaters by my moving company liaison.

It is not warm.

It is Boston biting cold with the humidity. I am one day away from going to Beijing [1 degree Celsius] and I do not think Talbots online can overnight ship a winter coat for me. My alternative is to buy a Japanese men’s coat but I have enough ego to be embarrassed about it. Maybe they have big people sizes in Beijing.

Nonetheless, I am very excited for a 2 week trip to my bucket list cities starting tomorrow – Beijing, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh, and Bangkok.

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7 Responses to Clothes Shopping for the Jolly Blonde Giant

  1. Renchick says:

    I understand, at least somewhat. I spent a month in Italy and figured I would rely on open air markets for most of my clothing…I did not know that these markets were filled with mostly Chinese-originated clothing. I needed something like XXXL clothing (I am a M or L, depending, in the US), and it was still too short for my 5’7 frame (plus I refused to buy XXXL) 🙂 Anyway, I ended up buying the more expensive clothing from Italian boutiques…and washing my underwear in the bathroom sink 😀

  2. Marie says:

    Wow–whoever told you not to bring warm sweaters obviously does not know Japan! I did not have central heating in my apartments, so we had to huddle around the kotatsu in the wintertime. Sweaters were critical!

  3. Mark R.Milan says:

    I had the same issue in China. After doing 3 weeks across Russia and Mongolia on a train where the temperature was fairly cool and being as I only had Walking boots, when I arrived in Guangzhou where it was 40°c I wanted to buy some converse low top plimsolls. I’m a size us 11 I was laughed at in the store! I got some funny looks in China. I’m 6’1″ and heavy set. Short cropped hair and a months worth of strawberry blonde beard. I must of looked quite odd to them. Having said that I get the same here in Bulgaria. Everyone has thick dark hair. The Vikings didn’t get this far across Europe obviously…

    • Colleen says:

      I really haven’t looked at shoes. I’m a womens 10. No way. For some reason I keep thinking some of the guys I work with brought back clothes for Christmas one year. I’ll keep my optimism for another day.

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