Transitioning back to Japan

The Start of Leg 3
The transition from being home with my family and the beagle to getting to Japan is very painful. Not as fast as ripping off a bandaid but I try to make it that way.
The hard part is running out the door as quickly as I can without shedding a tear. This is difficult to do at 4:10am where the wrong temperature coffee could cause such outbursts.
The first hop from Denver to SFO was a quick one and as expected, SFO to Narita is delayed due to fog. “Stuck” in SFO is also slowing the bandaid process because I’m not really home and it causes me to anticipate the loneliness that will come. I’m starting to plan a trip to Beijing to take my mind off of things.
Luckily, my husband will join me in Japan 25 days from now. I have to keep telling myself that I’m tough.

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3 Responses to Transitioning back to Japan

  1. Mah says:

    You are tough. I love you.

  2. Hang in there – it’ll pass – I know from experience!

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