The Untouchables

Happy Thanksgiving, America!
I am stateside and very thankful to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with my husband, sous chef Mick and my parents. My parents’ trip to Colorado is a short reprieve of the mess that is the Jersey Shore. This year, my lovely cousin and her family will be joining us for dinner tomorrow.  As today is the day before, we had some preparations to do.
Nothing says welcome to a feast like some table decor. I preordered my flowers from our local florist, Abloom. Our wedding china will be in use as well as crystal stem wear. A few years ago, I started collecting amber glass and it makes for a nice festive table.

Every family has the food they cannot and will not alter. Our trifecta is turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing.
I brine the organic turkey in a Whole Foods dry brine. For non-foodies, it’s a salt and spice mixture that the bird sits in overnight to get it super tasty.
The potatoes are mashed in [Redacted amounts of] butter, half & half and a dollop of sour creme.

My favorite Irishman flexes his muscles.

The stuffing is somewhat of a mystery. A few years ago, my mother wrote down the recipe but it’s still difficult to follow. Perhaps its the fault of Kendall Jackson.

If I didn’t show you, you’d never know liver was the secret ingredient.

Tomorrow will be a 5k to start the day (which still doesn’t offset the mashed potatoes) and finish the dinner.

Do you have “the untouchables” in your Thanksgiving dinner?

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