Jet Lag Or How Much Can I Cook Between 3am – 6am?

The weeklong jet lag adjusting from Japan to US is a killer but even on home leave, I find the need to be productive. So when I fell asleep at 7pm Thursday night and woke up at 3am Friday morning, it was time to rise and shine!

First up, cleaning up the mess from Thursday night’s pork and in true Colleen fashion, I broke the garbage disposal. This is a Thanksgiving tradition of mine [I’m sorry but a garbage disposal should be able to handle 5 lbs of potato skins].  Luckily, we bought and installed a new one on Friday night.

Next up, finish the homemade chicken stock or Fond Blanc de Volaille that I decided would make Thanksgiving more special. Mickey Beagle got out of bed for these smells so I knew I was on the right track.  The recipe was courtesy of Saveur Cooks Authentic French.  With all the salt intake I have in Japan, controling salt is another reason why I thought cooking stock might be a good idea.

Following some quick wins, I tried to go where no cook should go. Especially at 4am.


I think I’ve baked maybe twice in my adult life. I felt very domestic and wanted to use the 6 bananas that were on the counter. The baking soda I used was probably in the refrigerator for at least 4 years. I didn’t have high hopes but was proud to have tried to make banana bread anyway. In the end, I over cooked it. Nothing a few pats of butter can’t solve.

It even looks dry

Lastly, I started on the jamie at home by Jamie Oliver squash soup which we ate Friday night. Fried sage was superb, the parmasean crostini was fantastic but I think my homemade stock made the soup seem a little bland. That or overexuberance with my early Christmas present of an immersion blender made it watery. Day 2 for soup is always better anyway.

Warm, hearty squash soup in a cracked bowl we got for our wedding shower. A little chip but still strong after 10 years.

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3 Responses to Jet Lag Or How Much Can I Cook Between 3am – 6am?

  1. Lori Ono says:

    I totally get the jet lag. When I go back to Calgary I flop on my mom’s couch and I’m useless for days. When I get back to Tokyo, I seem to function better. Except that I transform from nightowl to earlybird and it is a shock to my husband. Takes about a week to get back into my regular habits. Sometimes I wish I could stay an earlybird.

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