One Word Summary of Expat Living During an Election: QUIET

Let me be clear, this is not a political rant.  This is about the craziness that surrounds an election and my sheer joy of not being party to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I voted.  Women fought hard for suffrage and I won’t take that for granted.

I am a registered voter in COLORADO, a swing state, which means my husband got the brunt of the noise.  Lets look at what might be the tally:

My husband works from home so I was fair about the lawn banners, but he has to pass them to get to the gym.

Emails: I didn’t count emails because I subscribed in the last election and didn’t unsubscribe.  There were a lot of emails but I deleted them.  Perhaps this was some noise but not that much.

Social Media:  I didn’t count FaceBook either because you can hide posts.

TV: There are 5 channels on my cable that are shown in English – 3 fun ones, CNN International and BBC.  I watch reruns of NCIS and Gossip Girl so I was able to drown out the two news channels.

Radio:  I don’t have a radio and I listen to my paid iTunes music.

My election was an early written ballot that was filled out.  That’s it.

God Bless America from Japan and go vote.

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