Friday’s Pork Fried Rice

Shopping when you can’t read the language sometimes can be a game as you may know from previous posts.  It took me 3 tries to find cough drops.  [FYI, lemon-flavored gum is not good.]  Last night, I made pork fried rice which was tasty and delicious.

Simple ingredients: pork, ginger root, pepper, green onion, egg and chardonnay for the chef.

The key ingredient is rice.  I have learned there are several kinds of rice – the kind you wash first and the kind that’s prewashed.

Why do you wash rice?  I don’t know and frankly, I’m not doing it because it’s an extra step.

Like making football pool picks by the uniform color, I chose this one because it says “RICE.FOOD.CARE”

I guess this one was rice you wash.

Similar to the US, the veggie aisle has some pre-packaged food and I picked up what I thought were mini packages of corn. Each of the photos on the packages showed something different.

Now that I’m writing this blog, I must have been hungry, tired and blonde.  What would make me think that was corn???  Well, it was salad dressing and I was bummed because I talked myself into a mini-corn frenzy.
Quick on the veg substitution, I had a package of bean sprouts and green onions.

Mise en place or as my husband says, make a mess.

Not bad.

Final product was consumed too quickly for a photo. I guess my lesson is eat out on Fridays!

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6 Responses to Friday’s Pork Fried Rice

  1. Patrick Campbell says:

    Make sure you remember these recipes when you come home. Oh, and don’t forget that knife, it’s cool.

  2. ideflex says:

    Buying out of those vending machines is an adventure too! have you had the pickle gum? Love your sense of humor – thanks for visiting!

  3. Marie says:

    I really need to master that mise en place. I am notorious for not reading the recipe closely enough and having to send my hubby out for ingredients!!

  4. Thanks for liking my post about the Japanese take on Western portions, Colleen! Have you availed yourself to the large sundaes and toast yet? Shakey’s seems to do the trick…and by the by, they’ve got a pizza buffet in many locations too. Haven’t tried it yet, but I did dig their tuna and corn offering.

    A bit o’ Japanese assistance: のど飴/喉飴 = “nodoame,” whereas のど/喉 ‘nodo’ is throat and あめ/飴 ‘ame’ is lozenge/hard candy. (‘Ame’ 雨 is also rain) Ameyoko, the bustling shopping alley in Ueno, is called such because it used to house many candy vendors.

    • Colleen says:

      Thanks for the help! 2 things I don’t eat in Japan – Japanese pizza and Japanese hamburgers. My expectations on those 2 things can’t be modified.
      Italian pizza here is phenomenal. In fact, the 2 Italians that own my fav shop told me the world champion for pizza is in Nakameguro. Daisa.

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